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You are able to crank out quality work regularly and predictably. This is why you tend to get promoted a lot, but only up to a certain level. You tend to attract people that egg you on.

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These people first start out as sarcastic people that would love to see you take a spill. Eventually, after seeing you in action, they become your biggest fans. They become true believers. You tend to have this effect on people. You firmly believe that as long as you focus on a goal, it will happen. This tremendous sense of focus, possibility, and sense of victory is what draws people to you.

Not surprisingly, you find yourself in sticky situations after jumping in with both feet without complete information. You can suffer tremendous financial setbacks because of this tendency. You often take on more risks than you can handle. These are precisely the impressions people get when they talk to you.

Jupiter is your ruling planet. Jupiter exerts a very strong gravitational pull.

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It projects a lot of strength. Unfortunately, its emphasis on strength is so overbearing that people influenced by Jupiter always insist on being right, even though they already know that they are wrong.

You should avoid people who egg you on. There are all sorts of weak-willed people who believe that they can be stronger by being associated with you. You need to cut those insecure people out of your life and focus more on attracting people who can call you out, set you on the right path, and otherwise give you healthy constructive criticism.

Believe me, you need this. Otherwise, you are going to plot a course for your life that is going to be a one-way ticket to disaster.

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That said, certain astrological dates attract the guardianship of angels more regularly than others. In the case of those born on 23rd November, that angel is Ariel. This is the guardian angel of virtue and truth, which are hugely important values for you — in yourself and others. Seeing a situation with clarity, or finding the most compassionate way to deal with a difficult set of circumstances, can all be made easier if you align yourself with the wisdom and grace of Ariel.

You seem to want to be alone to enjoy a sense of peacefulness during the early part of the month. You also want time to reflect on recent events and to plan your new birthday year, and that is precisely what the ancient astrologers hoped you would do when many planets gather in Libra in your twelfth house. It is the perfect time to burrow inside or to go to a quiet retreat where you can enjoy the changing seasons and get fresh air and sunshine.

Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon on September 28 in Libra, at five degrees, still strong as you enter October will all squeeze together into one little slice of the horoscope. Mars, your secondary ruler, will soon enter this same part of your chart a few days later on October 3.

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That is a lot of energy based in your twelfth house of privacy and creativity when alone at the start of the month. The best part about this new moon on September 28 is that Venus and Jupiter were in perfect sync. This could spell more money to you since both planets are in association with money and profits, and both are at 17 degrees, with Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the latter in your second house of earned income. If you are a designer, you may be shaping your next collection. If you are an author, you could start work on your new book, or if a graduate student, finish up your thesis.

You get the idea. Printed on archival quality paper.

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