Analytic number theory in honor of helmut maier 23 birthday

Ordowski and Z. Sun Concerning Primes and Quadratic Forms. Prices and offers may vary in store. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review.'s 80th Birthday Conference in Number Theory and Applications

Thank you. The flags indicate which authority file had at least some publications from the country or region :. Publication Statistics Publication History Send us a comment. About VIAF. Analytic number theory, approximation theory, and special functions ein honor of Hari M. Nets Katz. The primes contain arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions. Ben Green. Annals of Math.

New bounds for Szemeredi's Theorem, I: Progressions of length 4 in finite field geometries. Van Vu. On the singularity probability of random Bernoulli matrices. The Gaussian primes contain arbitrarily shaped constellations.

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A variant of the hypergraph removal lemma. Discrete Math.

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Short story version. Duke Math. Obstructions to uniformity, and arithmetic patterns in the primes. Quarterly J. Pure Appl. Coates, Vol. Compressions, convex geometry, and the Freiman-Bilu theorem. Inverse Littlewood-Offord theorems and the condition number of random discrete matrices. Analytic number theory: essays in honour of Klaus Roth, W.

Analytic Number Theory: In Honor of Helmut Maier's 60th Birthday

Chen, W. Gowers, H. Halberstam, W. Schmidt, R. Vaughan, eds, Cambridge University Press, Mathematika Volume 63, Issue 3 , pp. The dichotomy between structure and randomness, arithmetic progressions, and the primes. A correspondence principle between hyper graph theory and probability theory, and the hyper graph removal lemma. The primes contain arbitrarily long polynomial progressions.

Tamar Ziegler. Acta Math. Errata: Acta Math. John-type theorems for generalized arithmetic progressions and iterated sumsets. A note on the Freiman and Balog-Szemeredi-Gowers theorems in finite fields.

Analytic Number Theory

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Lecture 2: ℓ-adic Trace Functions in Analytic Number Theory by Philippe Michel

Bulk universality for Wigner hermitian matrices with subexponential decay. Laszlo Erdos.

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