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Several forming mechanisms have been proposed, including the fission of the Moon from Earth's crust through centrifugal force, the gravitational capture of a pre-formed Moon, the co-formation of Earth and the Moon together in the primordial accretion disk; these hypotheses cannot account for the high angular momentum of the Earth—Moon system. The prevailing hypothesis is that the Earth—Moon system formed after an impact of a Mars-sized body with the proto-Earth. The impact blasted material into Earth's orbit and the material accreted and formed the Moon; the Moon's far side has a crust, 30 mi thicker than that of the near side.

This is thought to be; this hypothesis, although not perfect best explains the evidence. Eighteen months prior to an October conference on lunar origins, Bill Hartmann , Roger Phillips , Jeff Taylor challenged fellow lunar scientists: "You have eighteen months. Go back to your Apollo data, go back to your computer, do whatever you have to, but make up your mind. Don't come to our conference unless you have something to say about the Moon's birth. Before the conference, there were parti.

Celestial pole The north and south celestial poles are the two imaginary points in the sky where the Earth's axis of rotation , indefinitely extended, intersects the celestial sphere. The north and south celestial poles appear permanently directly overhead to an observer at the Earth's North Pole and South Pole , respectively; as the Earth spins on its axis, the two celestial poles remain fixed in the sky, all other points appear to rotate around them, completing one circuit per day. Because of a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes , the poles trace out circles on the celestial sphere, with a period of about 25, years; the Earth's axis is subject to other complex motions which cause the celestial poles to shift over cycles of varying lengths.

Over long periods the positions of the stars themselves change, because of the stars' proper motions. An analogous concept applies to other planets: a planet's celestial poles are the points in the sky where the projection of the planet's axis of rotation intersects the celestial sphere. These points vary. Celestial bodies other than Earth have defined celestial poles; the north celestial pole is within a degree of the bright star Polaris. This makes Polaris useful for navigation in the northern hemisphere: not only is it always above the north point of the horizon, but its altitude angle is always equal to the observer's geographic latitude.

Polaris can, of course, only be seen from locations in the northern hemisphere. Polaris is near the celestial pole for only a small fraction of the 25,year precession cycle, it will remain a good approximation for about 1, years, by which time the pole will have moved to be closer to Alrai. In about 5, years, the pole will have moved near the position of the star Alderamin , in 12, years, Vega will become our north star, but it will be about six degrees from the true north celestial pole.

Looking at the "cup" part of the Big Dipper, imagine that the two stars at the outside edge of the cup form a line pointing upward out of the cup; this line points directly at the star at the tip of the Little Dipper's handle. That star is the North Star; the south celestial pole is visible only from the Southern Hemisphere. It lies in the Octant. Sigma Octantis is identified as the south pole star, over a degree away from the pole, but with a magnitude of 5.

Either go four-and-a-half times the distance of the long axis in the direction the narrow end of the cross points, or join the two pointer stars with a line, divide this line in half at right angles draw another imaginary line through the sky until it meets the line from the Southern Cross. This point is 6 degrees from the south celestial pole.

Few bright stars of importance lie between Crux and the pole itself, although the constellation Musca is easily recognised beneath Crux; the second method uses Achernar. Make a large equilateral triangle using these stars for two of the corners; the third imaginary corner will be the south celestial pole. If Canopus has not yet risen, the second-magnitude Alpha Pavonis can be used to form the triangle with Achernar and the pole; the third method is best for moonless and clear nights, as it uses two faint "clouds" in the Southern Sky.

These are marked in astronomy books as Small Magellanic Clouds ; these "clouds" are dwarf galaxies near the Milky Way. Make an equilateral triangle, the third point of, the south celestial pole.

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A line from Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, through Canopus, the second-brightest, continued for the same distance lands within a couple of degrees of the pole. In other words, Canopus is halfway between the pole. Of the fifty states, it is the 34th largest by area, the seventh most populous, the tenth most densely populated; the state's capital and largest city is Columbus.

Partitioned from the Northwest Territory , Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the Union on March 1, , the first under the Northwest Ordinance. Ohio rose from the wilderness of Ohio Country west of Appalachia in colonial times through the Northwest Indian Wars as part of the Northwest Territory in the early frontier, to become the first non-colonial free state admitted to the union, to an industrial powerhouse in the 20th century before transmogrifying to a more information and service based economy in the 21st.

The government of Ohio is composed of the executive branch, led by the Governor. Ohio occupies 16 seats in the United States House of Representatives. Ohio is known for its status as both a bellwether in national elections. Six Presidents of the United States have been elected. Ohio is an industrial state, ranking 8th out of 50 states in GDP, is the second largest producer of automobiles behind Michigan. Ohio's geographic location has proven to be an asset for economic expansion; because Ohio links the Northeast to the Midwest , much cargo and business traffic passes through its borders along its well-developed highways.

To the north, Lake Erie gives Ohio miles of coastline. Ohio's southern border is defined by the Ohio River, much of the northern border is defined by Lake Erie.

JAN 27 2018 – LINEA VAN HORN: Moon Swings – The Lunar Standstill Cycle

Ohio's neighbors are Pennsylvania to the east, Michigan to the northwest, Lake Erie to the north, Indiana to the west, Kentucky on the south, West Virginia on the southeast. Ohio's borders were defined by metes and bounds in the Enabling Act of as follows: Bounded on the east by the Pennsylvania line, on the south by the Ohio River, to the mouth of the Great Miami River , on the west by the line drawn due north from the mouth of the Great Miami aforesaid, on the north by an east and west line drawn through the southerly extreme of Lake Michigan , running east after intersecting the due north line aforesaid, from the mouth of the Great Miami until it shall intersect Lake Erie or the territorial line, thence with the same through Lake Erie to the Pennsylvania line aforesaid.

Ohio is bounded by the Ohio River, but nearly all of the river itself belongs to Kentucky and West Virginia. In , the U. Supreme Court held that, based on the wording of the cessation of territory by Virginia, the boundary between Ohio and Kentucky is the northern low-water mark of the river as it existed in Ohio has only that portion of the river between the river's low-water mark and the present high-water mark.

The border with Michigan has changed, as a result of the Toledo War , to angle northeast to the north shore of the mouth of the Maumee River. Much of Ohio features glaciated till plains, with an exceptionally flat area in the northwest being known as the Great Black Swamp ; this glaciated region in the northwest and central state is bordered to the east and southeast first by a belt known as the glaciated Allegheny Plateau , by another belt known as the unglaciated Allegheny Plateau. Most of Ohio is of low relief, but the unglaciated Allegheny Plateau features rugged hills and forests; the rugged southeastern quadrant of Ohio, stretching in an outward bow-like arc along the Ohio River from the West Virginia Panhandle to the outskirts of Cincinnati , forms a distinct socio-economic unit.

Geologically similar to parts of West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania, this area's coal mining legacy, dependence on small pockets of old manufacturing establishments, distinctive regional dialect set this section off from the rest of the state. In the United States Congress passed the Appalachian Regional Development Act , an attempt to "address the persistent poverty and growing economic despair of the Appalachian Region. The rivers in the northern part of the state drain into the northern Atlantic Ocean via Lake Erie and the St.

Lawrence River , the rivers in the southern part of the state drain into the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio River and the Mississippi; the worst weather disaster in Ohio history occurred along the Great Miami River in Known as the Great Dayton Flood , the entire Miami River watershed flooded, including the downtown business district of Dayton; as a result, the Miami Conservancy District was created as the first major flood plain engineering project in Ohio and the United States.

Grand Lake St. Marys in the west-central part of the state was constructed as a supply of water for ca. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Equatorial coordinate system. Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Bibcode : JBAA.. Retrieved 14 January What's in the sky? Archived from the original on 19 November Archived from the original on 6 April Solar System portal.

The Moon. Category Solar System portal. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Use dmy dates from September Star trail. Related Images. YouTube Videos. It is the standard time period used for cycles of rest days in most parts of the world, mostly alongside—although not strictly part of—the Gregorian calendar.

An Italian cameo bracelet representing the days of the week by their eponymous deities midth century, Walters Art Museum. Circular diagrams showing the division of the day and of the week, from a Carolingian ms. Clm fol. Emmeram Abbey. The week is divided into seven days, and each day into 96 puncta quarter-hours , minuta tenths of an hour and momenta 40th parts of an hour.

A view across a km-wide bay in the coast of Spain. Note the curvature of the Earth hiding the base of the buildings on the far shore. The Bronze Age is a historical period characterized by the use of bronze, and in some areas proto-writing, and other early features of urban civilization. Bronze mirror with a female human figure at the base, Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt — BC. Master of Animals in chlorite , Jiroft culture , c. A megalith is a large stone that has been used to construct a structure or monument, either alone or together with other stones. Megalithic grave Harhoog in Keitum , Sylt , Germany.

Clooneen wedge tomb, the Burren , County Clare , Ireland. Stonehenge , Wiltshire , United Kingdom, is one of the world's best known megalithic structures.

Ancient Mayan Astronomy

Boxgrove handaxe s at the British Museum. Flint axe used for cutting down trees in the Later Neolithic. Wisbech Museum. From Bedlam Hill. This is a 'Seamer' Yorkshire type.

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The prehistory of Ireland has been pieced together from archaeological evidence, which has grown at an increasing rate over the last decades. It begins with the first evidence of humans in Ireland around 10, BC, and finishes with the start of the historical record around AD. Reconstruction of a hunter-gatherer hut and canoe, Irish National Heritage Park.

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  • The entrance passage to Newgrange , and the entrance stone. Modern Paganism, also known as Contemporary Paganism and Neopaganism, is a collective term for new religious movements influenced by or derived from the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

    A Heathen shrine to the god Freyr , Sweden, The Parthenon , an ancient pre-Christian temple in Athens dedicated to the goddess Athena. Strmiska believed that modern Pagans in part reappropriate the term "pagan" to honor the cultural achievements of Europe's pre-Christian societies. It is the 8th most extensive and 21st most populous U. A view of the arid high plains in Southeastern Colorado.

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    Front Range Peaks west of Denver. Continental Divide at Monarch Pass. Of the fifty states, it is the 34th largest by area, the seventh most populous, and the tenth most densely populated. The state's capital and largest city is Columbus.

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    James A. Garfield , President of the United States from Ohio. Ohio state welcome sign, in an older s style. A solar eclipse occurs when an observer passes through the shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks the Sun. Partial and annular phases of solar eclipse on May 20, Partial solar eclipse during annular solar eclipse of May 20, Two solstices occur annually, around June 21 and December The Tropic of Capricorn is the circle of latitude that contains the subsolar point on the December solstice. It is thus the southernmost latitude where the Sun can be directly overhead.

    Its northern equivalent is the Tropic of Cancer. Monument marking the Tropic of Capricorn just north of Antofagasta , Chile. The term night sky, usually associated with astronomy from Earth, refers to the nighttime appearance of celestial objects like stars, planets, and the Moon, which are visible in a clear sky between sunset and sunrise, when the Sun is below the horizon.

    The Moon is the most often viewed major object in the night sky, while sometimes visible during daytime. The Flammarion engraving , Paris Photo taken at La Silla Observatory. Paranal Observatory nights. She did not like to lie under in Sex, it is said, yet she liked to sit upon him.

    So in that ancient language, Adam might refer to the Sun, and Lilith to the moon, getting out of the phase. Amazingly enough, as she is said to be that wild, one might suspect, if Lilith is near an eclipse, she might gulp the light of the sun, but it is otherwise — she darkens the moon. There are always full eclipses of the moon occurring when Lilith is conjoining the nodes. In the ancient wisdom teachings Lilith refers to the mother goddess of a Universe before our time.

    Lost Civilizations: Nuraghe Santu Antine and the Major Lunar Standstill

    Alice Bailey refers to her as an ancient version of what we know now as Gaia — but from a different Universe — therefore from a time before our star system was born. With this in mind, I would suggest, one reflects on all was said on Lilith. Moon moves farther next 2 days until apogee, when Earth-Moon distance will reach km mi. Previous node Next node. Previous Current draconic month Next. Previous standstill Next standstill.

    Previous syzygy Next syzygy. Share this page: twitter facebook linkedin. Wednesday Wed. Moon phase and lunation details. Moonrise and moonset Moon rises in the afternoon and sets after midnight to early morning. Previous perigee Next apogee Distance to Moon km Moon is km mi away from Earth on this date.