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The white curtain dims and softens the light without darkening the rooms. Instead of making comprehensive structural changes, an additional layer was merely added, thus responding to the requirements of lighting, clear orientation and exterior visibility using one single element. The curtain gives the building a new identity, without eliminating the original one, rather like a new dress that can be taken off at any time — leaving the building open to change respectively to the collection and for subsequent use.

In dialogue with its clients, it strives to develop new convictions. With a variety of projects, ranging from buildings in the art and exhibition sector to living spaces, office buildings and furniture design, the office examines the possibilities of creating new forms of living together and generating new identities. The collection is thus a complex archive of temporalities, storing passed moments and layers of time that can be technically repeated, in principle an infinite number of times. At present, over artworks by more than contemporary artists and artist groups across genres and generations offer an overview of time-based art from the s to today with a strong focus on works made after The term time-based art or time-based media describes works of art that unfold in time.

Time-based art therefore encompasses all artworks in which duration is a dimension and comprises film, video, single- and multi-channel video installation, slide installations, multimedia environments, sound, performance, computer and software-based artworks such as virtual and augmented reality, and other forms of technology-based art. These works are often allographic, meaning they are only visible when installed or projected. Bringing these fields together, the collection is unique in its heterogeneity, but certain themes still manifest across the collection, in works that address sociopolitical questions; identity politics; forms of narrative, fiction, and documentary; the body and representation; performativity and performance; the gaze; and the relationship between our built environment and the natural world.

The first large-scale group exhibition at the collection, Number One: Destroy, She Said —08 , was named after a video installation by artist Monica Bonvicini and loosely explored the relationship between interior and exterior, construction and destruction. Number Two: Fragile —09 focused on the body and corporality, bringing together video, performance, and body art. Number Three: Here and Now —10 was dedicated solely to performance and the ephemeral, with performances and concerts by some of the most prominent contemporary artists working today scheduled all year long.

Almost ten years later, Number Thirteen: Hello Boys —16 revisited performance and feminist video, questioning the representation of female identity and the performance document. The title refers to the process of quality deterioration as data carriers are copied successively and, at the same time, to the social upheavals from one generation to the next. The inaugural exhibition in Berlin, Welt am Draht , addressed the influences and shifts in our social reality, identities, and environment effected by processes of digitalization. Another group show, Jaguars and Electric Eels , explored notions of indigeneity, of hybrids and synthetic forms of life, the migration of the species, and our constantly changing perceptions of reality.

Large-scale solo presentations supplement the collection exhibition program. In addition to exhibitions, smaller projects, talks, and ongoing screenings regularly accompany the program. Loan requests must be made at least 6 months before the desired start of the loan period.

The request must contain the following information and documents:. Name and address of the institution submitting the loan request; name, function, telephone number, postal address and e-mail address of the contact person; exact name of the requested work; period, name of the exhibiting institution and location of the exhibition; detailed exhibition or project description in which the work is to be presented; a current facility report of the institution.

The conservation requirements for time-based media TBM have changed drastically over the last ten years. Initially the medium—specifically videotapes and DVDs—was the main focus of conservational attention. Just like any other materials, media are also susceptible to aging processes that in the long run can lead to damage or even the loss of works. Yet aging is only one aspect of the problem. There are also file formats and complex technical installations that are based on computer technologies or other hardware. All of these components can age: not only the media themselves are affected by the processes of decay, but even the content can become unreadable over of the years due to incompatibilities.

Technological evolution constantly results in new file formats and software codecs that are adapted in the production process of video artists. This is why in addition to the material-related risks, careful observation is necessary to ascertain which technologies have a promising future—and which digital platforms and formats are on their way to becoming obsolete. To this end all new acquisitions must be thoroughly evaluated and documented to determine the exact type of digital format.

The files are then transferred to a digital repository. This noticeably reduces the conservation effort since only a manageable number of formats need to be regularly checked and monitored to safeguard against formats that are becoming obsolete. This is flanked by individual solutions for artworks that do not support a standardized procedure. On a digital level, multiple backups that are independent and redundant give additional security, thus ensuring that the collection is preserved.

The media art-depository is the heart of the collection. Since fluctuating temperatures and humidity factors cause damage to videotapes and film, this was one of the most important factors during the planning. Temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius 59 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 percent relative humidity RF are considered optimal for storing magnetic tapes and was therefore chosen for the repository.

These conditions are also appropriate for film and slides. They can acclimatize slowly in the airlock before they are moved to special mobile shelving for storage. The mobile shelving system, which is equipped with ball-bearing mountings, ensures that the space is used optimally. The floor has a stove-enamel finish and was checked for leftover magnetic charge to eliminate all risks for the stored videotapes.

In addition, the shelves are grounded to prevent any static electricity. Since dust and air pollution represent a serious danger for media artworks, the air is filtered multiple times before and after the conditioning process. Smoke and water detectors as well as an alarm system simultaneously offer comprehensive hazard protection. The elaborate technical amenities in combination with the custom mobile shelving make the media-art repository unique in Europe. Menu Stroke 48 Created with Sketch.

Close up — work of the month. We look forward to your participation and your visit! Artboard Created with Sketch. Cordial invitation! Group Created with Sketch. Artboard Copy Created with Sketch. Language: English April Edited by Julia Stoschek Foundation e. Size: 20,5 x 28,5 cm. Softcover with flaps. Language: German. Size: Hardback with colour plastic dust jacket. Sundays, a. During opening hours: Sunday, a. Outside opening hours: Cost: EUR You are looking for a special location for a celebration or a corporate event?

We would be pleased to submit you an individual offer. Photo: Simon Vogel, Cologne. JSC Berlin. Photo: Robert Hamacher, Berlin. JSC Berlin, foyer, ground floor. Cost: EUR 5. Contact: Christian Nickolai nickolai jsc. Group 3 Created with Sketch. The Dusseldorf School of Photography. Andreas Weisser Time-based media conservator. Jacolby Satterwhite. Katharina Sieverding. Manuel Graf. Christian Jankowski. Christoph Schlingensief. Roxy Paine. Jeppe Hein. Charles Richardson.

Wu Tsang. Relation in Space , Talking about Similarity , Breathing in, Breathing out , Imponderabilia , Expansion in Space , Relation in Movement , Relation in Time , Balance Proof , Incision , Kaiserschnitt , Charged Space , Three , There is a Criminal Touch to Art , Art must be beautiful, Artist must be beautiful , Freeing the Voice , Freeing the Memory , Freeing the Body , Helen Benigson. Hannah Perry. Leo Gabin. Pipilotti Rist. Peter Weibel. Lutz Mommartz. David Claerbout. Matthew Buckingham. Matt Copson.

Jen DeNike. Jacky Connolly. Ana Mendieta.

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Arthur Jafa. Vito Acconci. Colin Montgomery. Bruce Nauman. Art Make-Up, No. Cyprien Gaillard. Natascha Sadr Haghighian. Elizabeth Price. John Baldessari. Christoph Westermeier. Sigalit Landau. Ed Fornieles. Thomas Demand. Jeremy Shaw. Jon Rafman. Still Life Betamale , Mainsqueeze , Erysichthon , Clemens von Wedemeyer. Big Business , The Making of Big Business , Mary Lucier.

Paul McCarthy. Ma Bell , Painting Face Down — White Line , Spit — Not Looking at the Camera , Spinning, Short segment of minute Tape , — Whipping the Wall with Paint , Up Down Penis Show , Zippedy Doo Dance , Icicle Slobber , Pipe Shadow , Upside Down Spitting — Bat , Drawing — Semen Drawing , Spitting on the Camera Lens , Upside Down Pipe , Jesper Just. Doug Aitken. Hannah Black. Adam Putnam. Nam June Paik. Joseph Beuys. Taryn Simon. Robin Rhode. Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. Till Gerhard. Julius Shulman. Andreas Gursky. Richard Artschwager. Mika Rottenberg.

House , Cheese , Hairwash , Milk , Concert , Chicken Soup , Brock Enright. Mark Leckey. Catherine Opie. City of Angels , Terra Degla Dea Madre , Terminal Garden , China Ring, unedited video notebook , Michael Snow. Lucy Raven. Klaus vom Bruch. Carol Bove. Ed Atkins. Jessica Mein. Asier Mendizabal. Jan Paul Evers. Tobias Zielony. Anthony Burdin. Josh Kline. Monica Bonvicini. Frances Stark. Jana Euler. Christoph Steinmeyer. Timur Si-Qin. Joan Jonas.

Chloe Wise. Chris Burden. Deadman , Bed Piece , Through the Night Softly , Icarus , Shoot , Thorben Eggers. Sophie Calle. Thiago Rocha Pitta. Barbara Hammer. Helen Marten. Rosemarie Trockel. John Bock. Im Schatten der Made , Pi-Bean , Seewolf , Lichterloh Roh , Monsieur et Monsieur , Nichts unter der Kinnlade , Martin Honert. Ian Cheng. Paul Pfeiffer. Anicka Yi. Rob Pruitt. Mathilde Rosier. Tony Oursler. Mike Kelley. Hito Steyerl.

Patty Chang. Walead Beshty. Tracey Emin. Lynda Benglis.

The Cry of the Hawk

Moritz Wegwerth. Laurel Nakadate. Jack Smith. Keren Cytter. Aaron Young. Wolfgang Tillmans. Alex McQuilkin. Carolee Schneemann. Hannah Wilke. Bernadette Corporation. Matt Calderwood. Heike Baranowsky. Charles Atlas. Paul Chan. Aura Rosenberg. Bill Viola. Amir Yatziv. Britta Thie. Cheryl Donegan. Jon Kessler. Trisha Baga. Florian Meisenberg. Cao Fei. Kristin Lucas.

Lina Lapelyte. Sean Bluechel. Rindon Johnson. Beatrice Gibson. Philip Topolovac. David Blandy. Loretta Fahrenholz. Stephen Vitiello. Gary Hill. Lawrence Weiner. Nandipha Mntambo. TOUR , Lutz Bacher. Hernan Bas. Richard Phillips. Franz West. Mark Manders. Marcel Dzama. Marie-Jo Lafontaine. Rachel Maclean. Anthony McCall. Bunny Rogers. Mathilde ter Heijne. Kader Attia. That Self , Anima Mundi , Positive Zero , Modus Vivendi , Night See Crossing Conjunction , The Observer with Remy Zaugg , Pep Agut.

Nancy Holt. Simon Denny. Multimedia Double Canvas Toshiba , Multimedia Double Canvas Thomson , Multimedia Double Canvas Tevion , Multimedia Double Canvas Hantarex , Multimedia Double Canvas Philips , Multimedia Double Canvas Samsung , Kate Gilmore. Andro Wekua. Free christiansciencesheboy- a. Luther- Grace Episcopal Feelings. Church, N. Group, 9 to 11 a. Nail trims u Worship service, 9 27th St. Mass fountainparkumc. Word of Grace Com- also available. All dogs a. Sev- school to follow service. For For information call School, a. Mass 3 p. Group supports be in carriers. For infor- information call or visit www.

Kohler Arts Center,pre-adoptive, adoptive, mation call Nursery and childcare New York Ave. For more infor- nese technique of glazinging grandchildren. Free Hope meets a. VisitAngel at to ed Church of Christ, St. All Geele Ave. Joanne and Salem in Plymouth, Sheboygan. For informa- Roundabout Steakhouse, information or to register.

Peterson at 7 to 8 p. For more tion call Pastor Jeffrey S. Program nity Church, andincludes music by three a. Center Office, For more informa- Plymouth, 9 to tion contact business a. December 8! For informationor call Check the website for the complete ad and photos from the sale. Christian Center, is required; stop in the Beginners Meeting call Sheboygan or Sheboygan AA, 8 p. For reservations, Everyone is welcome. For information call a registration form.

For St. Eighth St. Taking mation call orImmaculate Conception p. Activity Center, Hen- Center, E. Mill St. Dinner Plymouth. Tickets are outh. Tickets: Club, to follow, Meadowview to 9 p. For men and women S. Visi-Beer,Wine and Soda avail- call: ; email: u Fill the Truck for friends who have prob- now. For information tors welcome. We modelable all evening. For info info plymoutharts. For information HO scale, as it appeared, marypatg44 www. To purchase Carteret County Humane Jill, Call AA 20th-Oct.

The that has been hit by the Plymouth. We will for information or Highview Rd. Tickets may be cultures of Sheboygan be delivering them the visit www. County on All Nations 3rd week of October. Following the ser- Join the Facebook event p. Silent Auction, Oct. Call rienced the death of a trrisse gmail. Education Consultations pare hotmail.

For information call u Fall Indoor. Nicholas Hospital, u Narcotics Anony- 29th, 6 to 9 p. Hope House, N. N Highview Rd. Call Sixth St.

Strange Case

Sheboygan River Suite 4, Sheboygan, p. Paul Lutheran Sept. Call Church, Cty. PPP, Sheboygan Falls. Contact or Atdomreisnsoiovnatise boeuirnDg Cus3e. N Resource Dr. Follow TT into the airport to the Center. Watch for the sign. I will lift you out of sorrow and trouble and start you on the path of happiness and prosperity. There is no heart so sad and dreary that I cannot bring For more information call: sunshine into it. All readings are treated with complete privacy and confidentiality.

Participants are encour- 10 to 11 a. Outdoor Sheboygan. For children waltzes. This program is you? Al-Anon6 to 7 p. Weaving ball, pickle ball, kickball their parents. For infor- county. There is no charge teens p. A water pow- Class for Adults, and horseshoes also may mation call Game On is will offering is taken. For in-extra calories. To learn more, Fellowship Luncheon, a special needs ministry or Students will contact Donna Coun- Oct. Call be assisted in setting the selman at dcounsel Guest will be Rochelle challenged, p.

Lutheran at Redeemer Lutheranrec. She will be Church, N. Call or visit u Events at Mead talking about her book St. Snacks Ave. A Walk Down Memory following. For informa- p. Free food,u Rec Dept. Healthy information or to register. Campus Life Fam- tion call Busi- smoke free. Using Plymouth Public Library, to 24 months and their tion call Sheboygan lums and Other Such tian Reformed Church,low intensity movement outh. Meals forprogram is done to great ages For more infor- 1 to 3 p. Monday for the Happy Hearts Sheboygan County His- teens and their childrenmusic and designed to mation, call Visithelp you thrive.

Regard- p. For title infor- 11 a. This class is open to information. Call helps improve overall Public Library, library calendar at www. Guest will be Ryan to register. Registration u T. Taking Offwellness, range of motion Division St. Maker Kautzer who is a young fees apply. Pounds Sensibly, and much more.

Call more information, call hands-on activities. Open more on page or visit sheboy- For informa-ganrec. Echoes from the Dugouttion or to register. Provides in- join students and play Sheboygan. For infor- I guess that is my legacy. Like, I cut the grass every week. He wants an answer. All things considered, I have to pick Michael committed to your health, wellness and happiness. What a pitchers. Our services and amenities include: year he is having.

Hit for power? Randy Wilke could hit. Really Longevity? A lot enters into this decision. Gene Mand did itCall us today at to discuss all and did it forever. And Dave Gehr? No special pricing on select apartments.

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Consider the following list of candidates: better glove anywhere, no better instinct Dale Ahrens, Al Albert, Jason Bartelt, for the game anywhere, no better bat Dan Barwick, Rick Baumgart, Grant handler anywhere. Box 32, Sheboygan, WI. Please do what you can. Mar tinAutomotiveInc. For informationChurch, N. Fifth Beginners are welcome. This lifetime sport call PP, Plymouth, Christmas Brunch, combative movement events, grades , information.

Call Oct. Busi-Chess Club, free u Grief Share sup- for information. Family, Sheboygan. Feature tion or to register. Bible studies boys8 p. Center, Hamann Church, N. Support meets at N. Ninth fashion show. Free Group, to For information callAll ages and skill lev- for those who lost a St. Private loved one. For informa- For information call All are welcome. Professional Plaza ,lessons available. For information or N. Singing Society, 7 p. Joinu Celebrate Recov- N. Callmunity Church, mation.

No charge. A purpose u Sheboygan Area tion and location. For informa- S. Division St. Meet at tine at Church, Krumrey Sept. For of the host sites to walkwood carving, u The Gathering is open to family mem- Oct. Contact or Paul Lutheran individuals with Alz- trrisse gmail. Wear comfort-Ave. No cost to u Rec Dept. Bring carving tools A social day program attend. For information Jam Aquatic Fitness, al, noon to p. Bring insectand wood. Beginner to for adults with early to contact Ginny Nyhuis 7 to 8 p. A water pow- Michigan Room, Wis- if available. Join in adult. For money by registering for to listen.

Center, Douglas information call Carrie the entire class. Call to be a Granny and you required. Call Free program. For infor- Dr. Interested per- u Lincoln Series: work. For information Barb Wehrle at wehrle. Sheboygan Countycorner of Saeman and N. Program is 10 a. Expert Wizards Scary Savings N. Coun- and more. Nonfiction seling for any type of Book Discussion, 5 problem.

Call for an p. How-To an appointment call Tuesday, 6 to p. Watch a demonstration on how to build your u Reservation own solar-powered deadline for mobile phone charger. Children may Brunch, Oct. Final Day-Huge Discounts on Everything! House is open 9am to 3pm We look forward to seeing you!

Weigh-in 9 recreation, homework Dinner Group meets Dr. A facil- 7 p. Taylor Dr. Dress call Riki at Snack Drinks 5 p. ABarn will be showing u Wednesday family is provided on-site by 6 p. For infor- but mostly between 20 activities that promote pray for an end to abor-fashions! Our Spiritual Church, Krumrey mation stop by or call and For information strength, endurance, tion.

Bernice Gruenke,speaker is Linda Berg, St. For information balance and coordina- or 40daysforlife. For information of Grace Communi- meets, p. Jam Aquatic Fitness, 6 mobile will be atakeckonen charter. Youth Ave. Call A social day program to 7 p. Open with games and a cafe. A water power styled Erdman ElementarySwim, to 8 p. Open swim Sixth St. Call Cherrywood Ct. Call Library, N. Eighth ty, N. Wilson Fire Station, renity Seek- for information.

E-mail questions, a. Sheboygan on Facebook. Geared toward bkmref monarchlibrar- N. For more infor- ies. Winners meeting, welcome. For informa- Auxiliary meeting, p. Evans St. Meal is free but time, 10 a. For infor- donations are greatly appre- Public Library, St. Come for a time of Division St. Geared toward ages , a. Foru Transformation ing, a. Formeeting, p. For infor- parents of survivors Center, N. Change a Kids are Club, Sheboygan. Call Call Center, Buffalo St. No provided a healthy information. ID required. Overcome 9 a. Alcoholics Anony- siblings.

PPP, ing, 7 p. A Church, Lyndon explore spooky science. Open p. Use lower For information call Volleyball, to St. To brain fitness for those entrance. For informa- Children overcome addictions. Gym, Union Ave.

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Drop in by parent. Rain date Mixed levels Oct. Pounds Sensibly Christian Center, and play on three courts. Some restrictions apply. Coupons cannot be combined. Additional charge for Gourmet toppings. Valid only at Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at pizza up to 5 toppings, topping additions to participating locations. Coupons cannot be sold, participating locations. Coupons cannot be sold, recipe pizzas will result in additional charges.

Daily ampm head. EBTWEt ready. Tuesday only. Valid only at Spizazaveup tho e5 tDopapitnegs! Coupons cannot be sold, rfeocirpeopuizzrasawninll ruesaullt in additional charges. Inside Mi Ranchito transferred or duplicated. Everyday: 10 a. M Restaurante Easy as Bakers Wanted! Catering Available Y Cantina more, with this coupon. Coupon not valid with any other offer. Must mention cannot combine with other offers. Must mention coupon when ordering.

No exceptions. Not valid on previous purchases or with special orders. While Supplies Last. COM Hurry! Call throughout the world. This lifetime sportDouglas Dr. AA 24 hour For information call Tom people from various att. CallLinda at Lutheran owers Fellowship welcome to attend. Any age 6 months to 5 years, or visit sheboy-u Skat club, 7 to 9 Church, Church St. For information 5 p. Call Sheboygan. For information 31st. Paul Lutheran call Lori at The need is greatest Pool, S.

A water pow- 11 a. Coats your heat pumping, body Rd. Call mid-stage memory loss. Drop- p. State Rd. For a. Call 2 p. Support Church, Ontario Brandt at Sev- Caregivers, to u Rec Dept.

November 29, 2018

Karate p. For informa- enth St. Every- Music Service, more on page 18u Worship service, one welcome. All on a Vacation! Specializing in regluingSheboygan. For infor- ter, p. Recliners, A full service boarding facilitymation call or Club, Erie Ave. Speakers Meeting, 7 to 8 p. Includes 2 walks in an enclosed dog park. Paul Lutheran email: vernfrier gmail. For infor- prevention. Property is on your left. Sell it in the Classifieds! Directions: Hwy 67 North of Plymouth 3 miles. Visit our website way that each row across, each column down and watch for our ad next week for more details!

A great variety and surely something for everyone! Antiques, Advertising, Guns, the numbers from one to nine. Breweriana, Memorabilia and more! Bring a friend as we may run 2 rings for a few hours. Majority of auction indoors. Check cainauctions. This is only a partial listing! Visit www. World rights reserved. Try the FREE after rebate! See store for details. Commercial Grade Residential Agitator Washer7. Commercial Grade Residential Dryer Featuring detergent pack dispenser! Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of MasterCard Card.

Cards are issued by Citibank, N. Cards will not have cash access and can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. The MasterCard Card expires 6 months after issuance. Selection may vary by store. Does not apply to previous purchases. Copyright Sealy, Inc. All rights reserved.

Offers do not apply to previous purchases and may not be combined with other offers. Down payment required on special orders or layaways. All items while supplies last; some one-of-a-kind. Financing through SynchronyFinancial. Minimum purchase required for no interest financing.

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