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Element: Earth. Quality: Fixed. Ruler: Venus.

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Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio , Cancer. Taurus likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands. Practical and well-grounded, Taurus is the sign that harvests the fruits of labor. They feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasures. People born with their Sun in Taurus are sensual and tactile, considering touch and taste the most important of all senses.

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  • Stable and conservative, this is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac, ready to endure and stick to their choices until they reach the point of personal satisfaction. Taurus is an Earth sign , just like Virgo and Capricorn , and has the ability to see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective. They find it easy to make money and stay on same projects for years, or until they are completed. What we often see as stubbornness can be interpreted as commitment, and their ability to complete tasks whatever it takes is uncanny.

    This makes them excellent employees, great long-term friends and partners, always being there for people they love. Earthly note makes them overprotective, conservative, or materialistic at times, with views of the world founded on their love of money and wealth. The ruler of Taurus is Venus , the planet of love, attraction, beauty, satisfaction, creativity and gratitude. This tender nature will make Taurus an excellent cook, gardener, lover, and artist. They are loyal and don't like sudden changes, criticism or the chase of guilt people are often prone to, being somewhat dependable on other people and emotions they seem to be unable to let go of.

    Still, no matter their potential emotional challenge, these individuals have the ability to bring a practical voice of reason in any chaotic and unhealthy situation. Taurus — the Wandering Bull Being the one who betrayed their best friend, goddess Hera herself, this is an unfortunate being that has to wander the Earth in order to find freedom. As if something was always poking them behind their back, reminding them of happiness that once was, stinging and pushing forwards, they close up in their own worlds, lonely and separated from their core. To find love, a Taurus has to travel the world, change perspective or make a shift in their entire belief system and their system of values.

    Something is definitely off, pushing you in a strange direction and towards new Everything is based on feelings anyway, It is a month of self-doubt and self-questioning, one that puts the core of the issue in focus when we have taken too much time to pose for an They are extremely sensual, touch, smell and all pleasurable senses being extremely important to them, but they also need time to create a safe environment and relax in their sexual encounters. When they create enough intimacy with a loved one, they become a bit gooey, sometimes even needy, and have to keep their emotions in check, holding on to practical reasoning, while embracing change and initiative of their partner at all times.

    At the same time, you are able to attract what you need because of your cooperative nature.

    Taurus Man-10 Things You Need to Know!!

    If at times you do display the more negative emotional qualities of jealousy and possessiveness also attached to this sign, it is usually because you have been pushed to that point by others, or through extra factors within your chart which heighten such tendencies. If stubbornness rears its head in you, then you simply have to ask yourself do you really have to hold on to what you think you do, or are you simply experiencing a state of fear?

    All in all, this is one of the nicest placements for the Moon. You are likely to manifest abundance, creativity and sensual comfort in your life because such experiences are to be cherished and enjoyed. Your need to take care of yourself well should ideally be reflected in how you care for others. When you open to the flow of abundance in your own life, you bring similar rewards to others.

    Finally, a word of warning might be said about the tendency in fact, the emotional need toward indulgence and comfort. Overindulgence is a real possibility, especially if the Moon links up with Jupiter, so you should be careful to avoid excess in food, drink or just lazing around. Your love of comfort can easily turn to excess and accumulation at later stages of life.

    Gaining weight or becoming emotionally bogged down is a sign of too much indulgence, and should be countered by some form of activity, as well as frank honesty with yourself. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help? Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature.

    Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful. Moon in Taurus. Attracting Abundance On this point, those born with the Moon here rarely find themselves going without.

    Emotionally Secure Self-worth is connected to material security. Bodily Awareness Because you are innately connected to the physical plane, you will have a heightened awareness of the body and its senses. The end — Michael Palin — Moon in Taurus On the whole, you are probably easy-going, generous and gentle, seeking peace, harmony and beauty in life. Your Monthly Forecast. First Name.

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    Last Name. Your Sun Sign Is? What Are You Interested In? Astrology Courses? All Of The Above? Elsewhere in the Galaxy. Astro Travel Fabulous Wellness Getaways. Astrological symbol: Bull. This symbol suggests a willful individual with meaningful strength and stamina. It is characteristic for people born between April 20 and May 20 under the Taurus zodiac sign.

    The Taurus Constellation with the brightest star being Aldebaran is spread on sq degrees between Aries to the West and Gemini to the East. The Latin name for the Bull, the April 27 zodiac sign is Taurus. The Spanish name it Tauro while the French call it Taureau. Opposite sign: Scorpio.

    This reflects upon punctuality and power and the fact that a cooperation between the Taurus and Scorpio sun signs, whether in business or love is beneficial for both parts.

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    Modality: Fixed. The quality suggests the independent nature of those born on April 27 and their philosophy and elegance in most life events. Ruling house: The second house. This house placement symbolizes material possessions and everything one can own in a lifetime and seems to focus Taurians towards pleasures and gain. Ruling body: Venus.

    The Taurus Man

    This celestial planet reveals support and secrecy and also highlights enthusiasm. Venus is said to inspire the arts and artists. Element: Earth. This element symbolizes structure and a sense of justice and is considered to influence people connected to April 27 zodiac. Earth also gets new meanings in association with the other elements, modeling things with water and fire and incorporating air. Lucky day: Friday. This weekday is ruled by Venus symbolizing romance and indulgence. It reflects upon the persistent nature of Taurus people and the relaxed flow of this day.

    People born on April 27 posses a determined and practical approach to life. They are also very cautious in whatever they do. Just like a true Taurus, they are in a permanent need for stability. They are those people who know how to play their stubbornness in achieving their goals. They like spending time for self improvement and delighting with a movie or an interesting book. They avoid monotone activities and hate being hurried by anyone. Those born under this sign feel best when surrounded by important people of the high society.

    Positive traits: These natives have a loyal and down to earth attitude in regard to most life matters and they try to show themselves as dependable and trustworthy individuals. Therefore you can be sure that when they promise something, they are going to go at great lengths to respect it. They are affectionate and warm but also hardworking and they seem to know when to combine the two attitudes.

    Negative traits: These individuals need to understand that they can't go about with this narrow vision they display over life at times and that they should adapt without turning into easily offended people or without being overly possessive. They can be extremely greedy and selfish, especially when those close to them indulge such behaviors and they don't really see when a line has been crossed.

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    They need to avoid dwelling in the past and adding frustrations. Lovers born on April 27 are sensual and passionate. These natives seem to prefer to enter a serious relationship than date around and are happier committed to one person with whom they can share everything. They are attracted to creative, enthusiastic and dependable persons whom they can spoil and protect.