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Astro Gold for macOS is new software that has an extended feature but the same design as the iOS app of the same name. I downloaded the demo for macOS and found an interface that is cleanly designed, with lovely and sensible icons and buttons.

The Swiss Ephemeris is very accurate up to AD. This is the only area in which I think iPhemeris is perhaps better. Astro Gold supports everything a professional astrologer or a serious amateur like myself needs. You can have up to four charts layered one on top of the other, or have them cleanly displayed in a grid pattern.

An optional add-on is the ability to generate professional reports.

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If you want to sell horoscopes, these report writing modules are available as in-app purchases from within Astro Gold. A licence allows you to freely generate an unlimited number of reports. Your chart data is displayed using a uni-wheel, bi-wheels, tri-wheels, quad-wheels or dials, with the latter especially appealing for dynamic and fast finding of aspects.

A so-called Chart Explorer lets you find additional information relating to any chart point by clicking on the point in a chart wheel or dial. As soon as my budget allows, I will be buying a licence. Astrolog Downloads Latest version: Astrolog 6. Works on Win95 and beyond, including Windows 10 and 64 bit Windows.

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Astrolog 6. Same 32 bit content as Windows setup program, but in a.

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Same files as 32 bit Windows version, except with a 64 bit executable. No windowed graphics, but can create graphic files. Requires an unzip program to extract the contents. Download this to compile Unix, Windows, Mac, and other versions. Ephemeris files : Optional Swiss Ephemeris files for extended accuracy. View index.

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Documentation: Comprehensive documentation : Complete documentation of all commands and features. Latest updates : Changes to Astrolog 6. Original history : Additions to each version of the program from its beginning through version 5.

See also most recent changes in version 6.